Brad Paisley – She Said Yes chords

Intro: D A Bm G D A Bm GVerse I
D F#m She moved into my old apartment that's how we got this whole thing started
Bm G AShe called and said that I had mail waiting there for me.
D F#m I told her that I'd come and get it, how could I know in just a minute
Bm G That I'd be standing face to face with my own destiny
A Bm G D Oh and we sat there talkin just like we were old friends
A Bm GOh then I asked her can I see you again
D A BmShe said yes, and I said wow, and she said when,
G And I said how about right now,
D A Bm G D Love can't wait , then I asked if she believed in fate, she said yes
Verse II
D F#m The days flew by just like a fast train and nothing else has been on my brain
Bm G AExcept the thought of how she makes me the man I wanna be
D F#m She's the one I want for a million reasons loving her it's just like breathin
Bm G It's easy and it's obvious, she was made for me
A Bm G D Oh then it happened one night looking in her eyes
A Bm GOh and I popped the question much to my surprise..
Lead D A Bm G D A Bm GBridge
ASo we called the preacher, family, and friends
G A and nothing been the same since
D A Bm Gshe said yes
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