Farther Along chords with lyrics by Brad Paisley - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Brad Paisley – Farther Along chords

This is tabbed in the key of G major. Transpose how ever you like. I started playing it 
G major and it worked. The chord changes may be off just a little bit, but it's close enough.

Verse 1
G C GTempted and tried we're oft made to wonder
G A DWhy it should be thus all the day long
G C GWhile there are others living about us
G D GNever molested though in the wrong
G C GFarther along we'll know all about it
G A DFarther along we'll understand why
G C GCheer up my brother live in the sunshine
G D GWe'll understand it all by and by
Verse 2
G C GWhen death has come and taken our loved ones
G A DIt leaves our home so lonely and drear
G C GThen do we wonder why others prosper
G D GLiving so wicked year after year
Chorus Verse 3
G C GWhen we see Jesus coming in Glory
G A DWhen He comes from His home in the sky
G C GThen we shall meet Him in that bright mansion
G D GWe'll understand it all by and by
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