Brad Paisley – Toothbrush chords ver. 2

Intro: C, G

Verse #1

C GLove starts with a toothbrush, a bic razor, and a dixie cup
C Fa little splash of after shave, before you leave for that first date.
C I see stars in both your eyes,
Gafter that long kiss goodnight.
C GForever starts with a suitcase, sneakin' out the window get away
C Fto a car parked by the curb, gassed up for gatlinburg.
Ca little chapel and a couple of rings
Gwill get ya two toothbrushes by the bathroom sink
F G C G Am anything that's anything starts out as a little thing
F G Cjust needs a little time and room to grow
F G C G Am step by step, day by day, it all adds up along the way
F Gand the next thing that you know
Verse #2 (same chord progression as Verse #1) life starts with a little house, a corner lot on the edge of town, a weed eater and a picket fence, ya think it's good as the gettin' gets. then she wake up feelin' bad, ya both wonder what's up with that Chorus Verse #3 (same as #2, but softer) one night around 8 o'clock, you scrub him down and then you dry him off, ya pick him up and put his little feet, on the stool by the bathroom sink you grab the crest and a dixie cup it all hits you as he opens up
CLove starts with a toothbrush
Ending F, G, C, G, Am, F, G, C, F, C
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