Brandi Carlile – Let It Go chords

Let It Go
Brandi Carlile, Emily Saliers
The song is co-written with Emily Saliers. I had to chose to submit it as a Brandi or 
Emily song, so I just chose one of them.

Here are the chords for Let It Go. I'm working on the tabs, both Brandi's and Emily's 
part, but I'm not finished yet, so if you have any questions, e-mail me @
If you feel like making it a bit easier to play you can exchange some of the 
chords; C#m to E, Bm to D.

A2 C#m Bm A E De----5----4----2----0----0----2-|B----5----5----3----2----0----3-|G----6----6----4----2----1----2-|D----7----6----4----2----2----0-|A----7----4----2----0----2----0-|E----5----4----2----X----0----2-|
A2 C#mThrowing coins in a wishing well
Bm AIf I couldnĀ’t count, if I couldnĀ’t tell
BmIt wouldnĀ’t worry me
AIf my wishes donĀ’t come true
A2 C#mOpen eyes through an open mouth
Bm AFrom a broken heart to a crooked smile
BmYou could find your way
EThe ways will find you too
Bm ESomeoneĀ’s missing you
A DSomeoneĀ’s hanging onto lonely like the dead
Bm EAnd that old time war of words
D A A2Is just a sermon in your head
C#m Bm A A2Let it go, let it go, let it go
C#m Bm ALet it go, let it go, let it go
A2 C#mSevens nights and seven days
Bm AIt made my world to see your face
BmSweet harbinger
AThe serpentĀ’s been let loose
A2 C#mAnd it's sunny on the rocks
Bm AAs I'm pulling up my socks
Bm EAnd you're making tea trying to find your shoes
A2 C#mWith the harvest on the vine
Bm ASomehow the sun shows up in time
BmAnd gives the poet
AA seed for perfect thought
A2 C#mYou will be a simpler man
Bm AAnd work it out with your bare hands
BmWe do the best we can
EWith what we've got
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