Brandi Carlile – Hearts Content chords

Capo 3

C Em Am Emmaybe you thought I hung the moon
F (C) F Gmaybe you thought we were Johnny & June
C Em Am Emmaybe we thought it was just us two
F G Cmaybe we spoke too soon
C Em Am Emwe never lie and we don't tell tales
F (C) F Gwe bite our tongues and our fingernails
C Em Am Emwe fall in love and we don't fall out
F G Cmaybe we speak to soon
C Em7 Amhere's to you and me
Em Fand in between
C Gwe draw a line
but we can't
C Em7 Amsee where it's bent
Em Fwe scratch our heads
C Gand race against
C Em Am Em F G Cthe hearts content
C Em Am Emmaybe we hurt who we love the most
F C Gmaybe it's all we can stand
C Em Am Emmaybe we walk through the world as ghosts
F G Cbreak my own heart before you can
C Em Am Emmaybe we know how the story ends
F C Gmaybe it's not even about us
C Em Am Emwe both retreat to opposing sands
F G Cand love lives on without us
C Emone thing I know for sure is
Am G Flove will find a way
Am G Flove will find a way
Chorus end on C
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