Brandon Boyd - Runaway Train tab version 1

                      Runaway Train - BBoyd

TABBED BY : Santiago P. Franz


- TUNNING (Eb): [Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb] OR Capo at 1'st,
Brandon plays it a half step down (Eb).. and so do i, but if you wish to play it 
it will sound good either ..

- about the STRUM PATTERN : it's the basic of the basics .. only up and down while 
the Intro/Verse ..
and at the chorus just play like these ( down, down, up, down, up, down )

------> OHH and there's one important tip, while playing the song,
 play all the strings muted while changing the chords at the Intro/Verse
 ( listn to the song and you will get it ) <------

---> Intro/Verses (and little breakdown at the end)

Play the first part 3X then play the second \/ \/eb|------------------|-------| you can play eb|---6---2---4---|Bb|------------------|-------| it also with Bb|---6---2---4---|Gb|------7-----3-----|---5---| the whole Gb|---7---3---5---|Db|------8-----4-----|---6---| chords, like Db|---8---4---6---|Ab|------8-----4-----|---6---| these Ab|---8---4---6---|Eb|------6-----2-----|---4---| Eb|---6---2---4---|
( ... ) Presently, future is ( .. ) ( ... ) Seems to be ( ... ) ---> Chorus - almost same as above, there is just a little variation at the strum .. just play the chords over and over again
(.. And I try so hard ..) -> play the INTRO/VERSE at the short breakdown (2:10) -> then paly the CHORUS until the end of song (fading) (2:30) This is it, its a preatty simple song to play ^^ .. but still one of my favorite from album :D any doubts just mail me : GREETINGS from Brasil ;)
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