Brandon Heath – Love Never Fails tab

Love Never Fails
By: Brandon Heath

Hey Everyone, this song is a major blessing, thank you Brandon Heath! I saw nobody had 
the chords out there yet... so here they are.

God Bless.


-Josh Anderson

[Capo 1st Fret]

C= 032010
D/F#= 200232
G= 320033
C*= 032030
D*= 054030

On the verses the C and D/F# chords are picked out as follow:

e-----------------------------------|b-----1----0------------------------|g--------------------------0--------| 2Xd---------------0--0-2h--------2----|a-----3-----------------------------|E-----------------------------------|
C Love is not proud C Love does not boast C Love after all D/F# Matters the most C Love does not run C Love does not hide C Love does not keep D/F# Locked inside Em D/F# G C* Love is the river that flows through C D/F# C Love never fails you C Love will sustain C Love will provide C Love will not cease D/F# At the end of time C Love will protect C Love always hopes C Love still believes D/F# When you don’t Em D/F# G C* Love is the arms that are holding you C D C Love never fails you [Next section: strum out C-chord and D-chord = 054030] C D* When my heart won’t make a sound C D* When I can’t turn back around Em D/F# When the sky is falling down C Nothing is greater than this C Greater than this C Love is right here C Love is alive C Love is the way D/F# The truth the life Em D/F# G C* Love is the river than flows through Em D/F# G C* Love is the arms that are holding you Em D/F# G C Love is the place you will fly to (voice only) C (pick out) G Love never fails you
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