Brandon Rhyder - Freeze Frame Time chords version 1

this is my 1st song on here.. so bear with me   

Capo 3

G GsusIt's a beautiful morning, to see the sun rise
Am C D GsusIt's moments like this that make me wish, I could freeze frame time
G Gsus I got a hot cup of coffee, I'm gonna watch the world come alive
Am C D Gsus Surrounded by nature likens the innocence of a newborn child
Chorus 1
Em Gsus Em GsusSometimes we laugh, and sometimes we cry
Am C D Dsus D Somedays its hard to figure out, our way in this life
Am C D GsusBut it's moments like this that make me wish, i could freeze frame time
I got a picture in my pocket, of my baby boy He's growin up so fast I swear he thinks he can conquer the world Just yesterday evening, he come runnin up to me He said he made his momma mad, and that she said he was just like me Chorus 2
Em Gsus Em GsusAnd I laughed until I cried, all swallowed up with pride
Am C D Dsus D You should've seen the concern, in that little boy's eyes
Am C D GsusYes its moments like this that make me wish, I could freeze frame time
You are an angel, you taught me how to fly You picked me up when I was down, spun me around and ya made me fly higher Well we're a little bit older now, together we've seen some change But I love you more now than I did on that very first day
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