Freeze Frame chords with lyrics by Brandon Setta - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Brandon Setta – Freeze Frame chords

This is a song by Brandon Setta from an acoustic split with Title Fight. (Brandon 
did the 1st 3 songs, and Jamie Rhoden did the last 3)

Capo 1st fret

C EmCan you run faster than
Fmaj7 FmThe beating in my chest?
CTry your best,
Embut I think that I'll
Fmaj7 FmBe catching up to you
Bridge: Am C Fmaj7 Fme|0--3--0----0--3--0-----0------1--------------------------------------|B|1--1--3----1--1--3-----1------1--------------------------------------|G|2--2--2----0--0--0-----2------1--------------------------------------|D|2--2--2----2--2--2-----3------3--------------------------------------|A|0--0--0----3--3--3-----3------3--------------------------------------|E|x--x--x----x--x--x-----x------1--------------------------------------|
C EmPut on your dancing shoes
Fmaj7 Fm CTonight we're gonna turn this living room
Em Fmaj7 - Fm Into a dance floor just for two
Chorus: Am
Am CAnd I just want to fall
C Fmaj7To the ground with you
Fm AmSurrounded by one hundred shades of blue
Am CAnd the grass stains on our jeans
C Fmaj7They'll never come clean
FmThey'll remind us of
CThe days we were in love
This tab should be pretty accurate, just follow along with the song for the timing and the little flourishes. Enjoy!
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