Brandos – Hard Times tab

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Band        : Brandos
Song        : Hard times
Taken from  : The light of day (1994)
Written by  : Dave Kincaid
Chorded by  : Wilbert Huigens
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Used chords:

A  x02220
C  032010
D  xx0232
G  320001


   D                   A
So these these are the hard times
    G                        A
The ones we've been hearing about
    D                            A
And like in "a streetcar named desire"
      G                     A
We're struggling to work it out

And these, these are the lean times
The ones we never thought that we'd see
And it's just like in "the grapes of wrath"
Except it's happening to you and me

       G                           D
And it feels like I'm standing out-side of myself
      C                     D
As we act out our desperate scenes
     G                    D
Like watching an old-time black and white movie
C                D
Starring you and me
        G                         D
And the feelings are so intensely real
          C                  D
That they don't seem real at all
G               D
I can't bear to see your pain
      C                    D
Or to watch your teardrops fall

They say they say of these hard times
They kill you or they make you strong
And like in "city for conquest"
I'm wondering what went wrong

As we go through these hard times
I can't get past my disbelief
That this isn't really a very bad dream
And soon I'll wake to see

The end, the end of these hard times
Every movie's got to end
As it fades to black and the curtains close
To reality again
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