Breakbot – Baby Im Yours chords


this song is fantastic in ways that i am incapable of putting into words and
 i love it like a first son. maybe not that much, but it is stupendous and i
 congratulate you, sir, or madam, for wanting to play it, i hope this helps
 you. i am not entirely sure about these chords, and in fact the Dm/C/Bb bits
 do not go with the recording at all, but it does sit okay if you just want
 to sing and play some geetar. i'm also not entirely sure what you should
 call the 'Bbadd9' (???), but it's  played (1-1-3-3-1-1), and as it's the
 same chord as the lovely Cadd9, i figured i could call it the same. kudos to
 you if you just read all that, i hope this works for you.

F A7I thought I had it all together
Dm C BbBut I was led astray
Dm C BbThe day you walked away
F A7You were the clock that was ticking in my heart
Dm C BbChanged my state of mind
Dm C BbWhen love's so hard to find
Your feelings changed like the weather Went from clear to grey On that cloudy day How can I go on Without falling apart? Love's so hard to find When someone's on your mind Chorus:
Dm C DmListen baby
Bb A7 Dm C DmYour wish is my command
Bb A7 Dm C Dm Baby won't you understand
F A7 Bbadd9That your wish is my command
Baug CWhat can I do to make my baby understand
Something tells me that I'm dreaming I can see us there Waving unaware Of problems that have a tendency to keep Keep the truth confined Far from our minds You need someone you can believe in This I do declare Trust me I'll be there The road that leads to Heaven can be so steep I will help you climb Change your state of mind Chorus Dm / C / Bb... I can see us there, waving unaware This I do declare, trust me I'll be there (youtube video ends here, the full recording goes on a bit. i'm pretty certain it's the same chords as for the chorus for the rest of the song) Chorus Follow me into, into my sleep Baby I'm yours, I'm yours to keep You've got the magic that entered my heart and my mind Chorus ...and there you have it. if you have corrections (and you ought to, by the dozen), please email me or post a comment or something.
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