Breaking Benjamin - Give Me A Sign Acoustic chords

This is my first tab. I have seen a few others just like it. 
So I am confident this one is right. 
Listen to the song for strum pattern. 
half step down

Intro: Em, D, Am, C, G, D

Dead star shine, light up the sky..
G, Bm, Am, C

I can feel u falling away
Em, D, C

No longer the lost, no longer the same.
G, D

I can see you starting to break..
Em, D, C

I'll keep you alive, If you show me the way
G, D

Forever and ever
Em, D

The scars will remain
G, C

I'm falling apart, leave me here forever..
G, D

Give me a sign.... give me a siiiiiggggn!!
G, D, Em, C
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