Breeders – Cannonball tab

ok, that's my first tab..
so be king
hope u'll like it.
i'm gonna write it in riffs 
and in the end of the document 
there is the list 
of when to play every riff + how much times.
the song is relly at tuning Eb but i did it on E.


riff a - bass starts:G-----------D-----------A-----------E-1/6-66-6-6
riff b - bass (with drums):G------------------D------------------A------------------E-1/7-7-7-7--00-0-0
riff c - guitar:E-------------------------------B-------------------------------G-7/9-9/7-7/9-9/7--------------- ==> just start on 7 and slide all the time.D----------------7/9-9/7-7/9-9/7 ==> -----------------"--------------------A-------------------------------E-------------------------------
riff d - chords:E-7-7-7-7-xx-7-7-7-7B-7-7-7-7-xx-9-9-9-9G-8-8-8-8-xx-9-9-9-9D-9-9-9-9-xx-9-9-9-9A-9-9-9-9-xx-7-7-7-7E-7-7-7-7-xx-------- B E
riff e.1 - chorus:E-7-7-7-7xx-7-7-7-7xx-5-5-5-5-xxxxxxxxB-7-7-7-7xx-9-9-9-9xx-5-5-5-5-xxxxxxxxG-8-8-8-8xx-9-9-9-9xx-6-6-6-6-xxxxxxxxD-9-9-9-9xx-9-9-9-9xx-7-7-7-7-xxxxxxxxA-9-9-9-9xx-7-7-7-7xx-7-7-7-7-xxxxxxxxE-7-7-7-7xx--------xx-5-5-5-5-xxxxxxxx B E A
riif e.2 - chorusE-7-7-7-7xx-7-7-7-7xx-5-5-5-5-7-7-7-7B-7-7-7-7xx-9-9-9-9xx-5-5-5-5-7-7-7-7G-8-8-8-8xx-9-9-9-9xx-6-6-6-6-8-8-8-8D-9-9-9-9xx-9-9-9-9xx-7-7-7-7-9-9-9-9A-9-9-9-9xx-7-7-7-7xx-7-7-7-7-9-9-9-9E-7-7-7-7xx--------xx-5-5-5-5-7-7-7-7 B E A B
list-if u don't understand just listen to the song, it's not that hard: bass riff a - X2 bass riff b - X4 -stop at the 4th time. guitar + bass - X3 chords + bass - X3 and a half - but u can do it also 4. sing (chords + bass countine X4) chords + bass - X3 chords + guitar + bass - X2 sing - X3 guitar + bass - X4 chorus: chorus riff e.1 - X2 chorus riff e.2 - X2 chords + bass - X4 -stop on 4th time. sing guitar + bass - X2 sing - X4 stop and then alot of 'xxxxx' on all the guitar :]. chorus sing guitar + bass - X2 sing guitar + bass - X4 chorus chords + bass - X3 guitar + bass - X4 end of song! hope u like it.. cya, bodem!
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