Breeders - No Aloha tab

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Subject:      No Aloha by The Breeders

NO ALOHA - The Breeders (Last Splash)

- This is just a combination of E-form bar chords and a tasteful slide guitar:

|---6------10------11------8------9---- -------3------------| |---6------10------11------8------9---- and-------3------------| |---7------11------12------9-----10----occa-------4------------| |---8------12------13-----10-----11----sion-------5------------| |---8------12------13-----10-----11----ally-------5------------| |---6------10------11------8------9---- -------3------------|
- strum these in 16th notes during the intro, then 8th notes during the "hard part". - over this lay (with a slide, or without - doesn't really matter):
|---------------------------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------12\(8)-----------------12/(20)--------------| |--5/8--7/10--8/11--12----12--------12-----------13-------------------| |--------------------------------------13-12--------------------------| |--------------------------------------------10-----------------------| (no slide )
- This changes a bit during the "hard part", but the notes are essentially the same. Anyway this ought to get you started. If you have any questions or comments .... - (Van Vekris)
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