Brendan James – The Fall chords

Brendan James  The Fall

Standard Tuning, Capo 2

*** The Am7 doesn't sound correct but I am but a mere Drummer so please help, thanks! ***

C       C    Em    F     G 

C Em F GShe is packing in slow motion the sun is coming up
C Em F G C Em F G I am sitting in the next room staring in my coffee cup
C Em F G Now we are driving down the shoreline, this car is cut in two
C Em F G I am quiet, she is humming, When the stars go blue
F G F Am7And pulling up to JFK, there really isn't much to say
C EmDon't tell me you'll write me, don't tell me you'll call
F G Just tell me you'll see me in the Fall
C EmDon't give me a promise you know you'll never keep
F G C Em F G Go and find it all and I'll see you in the Fall
C Em F GNow I'm back at our apartment and nothing feels the same
C EmHer coat is gone, her toothbrush is missing,
F GAll the flowers start to fade
F Am7And September feels so far away
Am F CLet you fly over the sea, fate will bring you back to me
Am G F And darling that's all we have
C EmDon't write don't call I'll see you in the Fall
F GDon't write don't call I'll see you in the Fall
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