Brendon Small – Ims A God chords

Left handed
I'MS A GOD (Skwisgaar song from "Fatherklok") ~Brendon Small
Acoustic version by sinForge xJp || Standard Tuning (EADGBe)
-Lyrics maintain the "grammar" of Skwisgaar Skwigelf 
-Chords attempt to reflect the keyboards and guitars   

C G Em C G AmI don't know whos I am.. Am I a god, or man?
E7 Am I was birthed from a specters.. a ghost in the night..
G CCould it be.. that the gods gave me my life?
F C F E AmIf it's true, then I'm no man..
F C F E Am GI'm a god, that's what I am..
F C F E AmI was built to spread my lines into the wombs of this world..
F C F E Am G And I spray my holiness onto the breasts of all these girls..
F C F E Am F C F I'm no maaaaaaaaaaaaaaans.. Ohs I'll gives the gift of lifes
E Am G F C F E Am [" G] And makes more gods likes what I am.. I'ms a goooooooooooooood..
SOLO - [F C F E Am.. | F C F E Am G... ] x4, Fade out..
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