Alone But Contently chords with lyrics by Brent Walsh - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Brent Walsh – Alone But Contently chords


[Verse 1]
A BbdimWould you believe I aim to be
Bm ESomewhere in between, hurting but hopeful
Fdim F#mNervous but free, alone but contently?
[Chorus 1]
D EIf I had just one more day with you
FdimTo soak in the view
F#m E DWell, you couldn't tear my gaze away
Asus4 ABut there's no hope in yesterday
[Verse 2]
Bbdim BmSo I'll just reprieve myself of this grief
E FdimSing like I'm happy, no minor keys
F#mLike the sorrow eludes me
[Chorus 2]
D EBut if I had just one more day with you
FdimAware of the clue
F#m E DThat I'd never hold you quite the same
Asus4 AWell, I'd still let it end this way
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