Brenton Brown – Lord Reign In Me tab

This version is in the key of C:

Lord Reign in Me
Brenton Brown

C     G        F         G       C
Over all the earth you reign on high
C       G        F            G      Am
Every mountain stream, every sunset sky
Am        G      F
Lord, my one request,
F         G   Dm7
Lord, my only aim
Dm7           F      G    C
Is that You reign in me again

C       G      F          G         C
Lord, reign in me.  Reign in Your power
C     G       F            G       Am
Over all my dreams, in my darkest hour.
Am   G       F       G    Dm7
You are the Lord of all I am.
Dm7         F      G    C
Won’t You reign in me again?

C      G      F            G     C
Over every thought, over every word,
C       G       F              G      Am
May my life reflect the beauty of my Lord.
Am         G      F
You mean more to me
F          G      Dm7
than any earthly thing.
Dm7            F      G     C
So won’t You reign in me again?
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