Brett Dennen – Desert Sunrise chords

so the other tabs on this song arent quite right so here goes.  
Figure out any picking for yourself.  Its mostly the chords.

Cmaj7 Gmaj7 Em7 DE|-7-------7-------5---------------|B|-8-------7-------7-------7-------|G|-9-------7-------5-------7-------|D|-10------5-------7-------0-------|A|---------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|
Cmaj7 Gmaj7a desert sunrise, you warm my soul
Em7 Dpainting me in shades of clay, covering me whole...
Cadd9 G/B Am7E|-3-------3------------|B|-3-------3-------3----|G|-0-------0-------5----|D|-----------------5----|A|-3-------2-------0----|E|----------------------|
Cadd9 G/Band I've been waiting all this life in the company of one
Am7 G/Band I know I am young but I don't want to be alone...
G/B(1) Dsus4 Cmaj7(1) Am7(1)E|-7-------3-----------------------|B|-8-------0-------5-------1-------|G|-7-------4-------4-------0-------|D|-9-------5-------5-------2-------|A|-----------------3-------0-------|E|---------------------------------|
G/B(1) Dsus4(1)I see you rising on the horizon
Cmaj7(1) Am7(1)bringing light into the day, and I'm coasting on your rays...
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