Brett Dennen – Surprise Surprise chords

Surprise, Surprise – Brett Dennen


This is such a great and hugely underappreciated song! I’m almost certain that Brett
doesn’t do it this way, and there is a ton of adlibbing in the recorded version, but 
it’s a
good hasty-made foundation. Can be transposed and Capo’d if desired. It sounds like it’s 
on a higher fret in the recording. Also, by no means is a barre on first and third
necessary. I have just included it for a better sound, as well as ease, in my opinion. 
If you feel inclined to play it without a barre, feel free to do so. Listen to the song 
for the strum pattern, it’s sort of syncopated.


Am C Fbar Gbar x2

Verse 1:

Am CDark clouds gather in the afternoon
Fbar Come together just to cry Gbar Seagulls struggling against the wind
AmFalling out of the sky
Am CGrandma's gathering aluminum cans
Fbar In a rusty shopping cart Gbar Born-againers getting their lives together
AmWhile my whole world's falling apart
Chorus: Fbar Open up your eyes Gbar It's happening all around you Fbar If it hasn't found you Gbar Well you know it's just a matter of time Fbar Surprise, surprise Gbar What do you think the world owes you Fbar It's not the way it's supposed to go Gbar Well you know it's just a matter of time Verse 2:
Am CSongbird sitting in a tree house
2Fbar With a trumpet to her lips Gbar I'm laying on my back in the tall green grass
AmStaring up at the eclipse
Am CWhispers lurking in the alley behind
Fbar Where the children wear no shoes Gbar Call girls and corner kids hustling
AmSaying what do you got to lose
Chorus Bridge:
E FAnd there's nowhere you can run to
C EBecause the eyes are upon you
Verse 3:
Am CSome of the coming up hard and hungry
Fbar Stepping up to take your turn Gbar Some of them throwing their money in the fire
AmJust to watch it burn
Chorus It's just a matter of It's just a matter of time
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