Brian Fallon – Goodnight Irene chords

Goodnight, Irene
by Brian Fallon
(Appears on Chuck Ragan's Revival Tour 2011 Collections)

[Brian Fallon, singer/songwriter for Gaslight Anthem, The Horrible Crowes, etc. Toured
with Chuck on Revival Tour 2011, where I watched them play this song: Brian's Wikipedia page:; link to the Revival Tour: Hope that's
enough to get Brian as a
separate artist in here.]

Easy chords, but fast changes. Not too sure about the bridge lyrics ("abandoned her
hand", "were eyes declaring war", etc.). Help me get it right. Thanks.

Brian plays this live with capo on 2, but these chords fit perfectly.

Tuning: Standard

Intro: Am E F G x1

[G] Darlin' it's so [Am] dark
In this [E] house
'Cept for this [F] light
 My slow candle [G] burning

And I know you're [Am] somewhere
I always did [E] feel it
I got a [F] new song
You might never [G] hear


Goodnight, [C] Irene
I got your [Am] trouble
I read your [F] letters
You sent like a [G] bomb
And when you're [C] gone
We're all gonna [Am] miss you
Your perfume like [F] cigarettes and the sea
My name that you [G] always wore like grief
Goodnight, [C] Irene

I grew up kind of [Am] lonesome
The saint of the [E] sinners
The voice of the [F] dogs
You find in the [G] rain

So I just keep [Am] working
I just keep [E] driving
Nobody writes [F]
The blues [G] anymore


And in my [G] mind
There's a [C] dream
Where the [F] telephone [C] rang
Just [G] before the [C] ring
Took a [F] vow and [Am] abandoned her [C] hand
In a [G] closet where [C] white dresses [F] hang
Were [Am] eyes declaring [G] war

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