Brian Free And Assurance - You Must Have Met Him chords

INTRO: [F  dm  Bb    F dm   Bb]

VERSE: [F  dm  Bb  C,  F   dm  Bb  C]

Theres a sparkle in your eye, and a smile on your face, 
Joy down in your heart and I wonder what took place
Got a spring is in your step, And a song is on your lips,
Now your acting like all heaven is at your fingertips

PRE-CHORUS: [F   Bb   am7    gm7   C   F]

You must have met Him, You have the symptoms of, 
Someone who fell in love - You must have met Him!

[dm  am  dm  bm7  Bb  am7  gm7  C,  dm  am  dm  bm7  Bb  C  F]

Like a leper in the lane, Like James the day he came
Like the thousands that were fed, the Canaan couple that were wed
Like the woman at the well, the friend that died and lived to tell

REFRAIN: [Bb  am7  gm7  am7  Bb  C  F]

Its one more Damascus fall, Saul becoming Paul
Yeah that explains it all, you must have met Him! 
(2nd time go to %%) (3rd time repeat REFRAIN and end.)

Play half of INTRO once: [F dm  Bb]

VERSE: [F  dm  Bb  C,  F   dm  Bb  C]

They said that you had changed, that time would pull you back
You been this way before, so it wont really last
But lately they have seen, predictions start to die
This time a brand new love, caught more than just your eye

PRE-CHORUS: [F Bb am7 gm7 C F]You must have met Him, your steps will clear the trace, you look for amazing grace
- you must have met Him (go to **) %% You become a stranger, but what happened isnt bad, the One who trade the new you for the old you that we had (go to **) link to Brian Free & Assurance:
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