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Brian Jonestown Massacre – Straight Up And Down tab


Chords used (E-A-D-G-B-E)D (x-x-0-2-3-2)-----|Dsus? (x-x-0-2-3-0)-|G (3-2-0-0-0-3)-----|Gsus4 (3-2-0-0-1-3)-|C (0-3-2-0-1-0)-----|A (0-0-2-2-2-0)-----|
(throw in a Dsus and Gsus every once and a while) Intro: D Dsus? G Gsus4
D G D G i try to see well i guess that i'm blind D G D G it's fine with me cause i'm going to keep trying D G D G and i've made disapointment my very best friend D G D G i wait and see who your going to be and when D C we don't want you be yourself G you see D we want you to free yourself D C G it does no good to pretend that you are free D i can not see you C i love you but it drags me down D G cause i know it so well D G how i never could tell D G who's my very best friend? D G how i know you so well D G who's my very best friend? D G how i know you so well i could make you be me. D G A G G A G I spnet all the money i had just to treat you real fine D G A G D G A G you know i will get what i want, while im getting whats mine D G A G G A G i see you know no shame you wont give me the chance D G A G D G im begging your momma and your daddy just to give me the chance A G im getting nothing
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