Brian May – Slow Down tab

This song is in standard tuning.  The Main Riff is also the chorus just different
The chorus is divided into 3 main parts E,A, and B. For E, Play an E major without strumming
high E and Low E strings.  Strum Down and up, then play the lick.  Play 4 times.  Next,
A part is the same as the E part except instead of an E Major, You play an A Major
down once and up once avoiding the High and Low E strings.  The third part B is a
 Now instead of the E and A Major chords, you play a B Power Chord, down once and up 
the G,D,and A strings. I really love everything Brian May has ever done but couldn't 
any tabs for this song anywhere.  If you find this tab, you are a Brian May
too.  Enjoy!!

Part E X4 Part A X2 Part B X1 Em Am BE X------------------ X------------------ X-------------------|B X------------------ X-2-2-------------- X-------------------|G X-1-1-------------- X-2-2-------------- X-4-4---------------|D X-2-2-------------- X-2-2-------------- X-4-4---------------|A X-2-2-----2-4-2-4-2 X--------2-4-2-4-2- X-2-2----4-6-4-6-4--|E X------/4---------- X-----/4----------- X-----/6------------|
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