Brian Mcknight - Back At One chords version 1


G EmIts undeniable that we should be together
C DIts unbelievable, how I used to say that Id fall never
GThe basis is need to know
EmIf you just dont know how I feel
C DThen let me show you that now Im for real
C DIf all the things in time, time will reveal
G1 - one, youre like a dream come true
EmTwo, just wanna be with you
CThree, girl its plain to see
DThat youre the only one for me and
GFour, repeat steps one through three
EmFive, make you fall in love with me
C DIf ever I believe my work is done
GThen Ill start back at one
G EmIts so incredible, the way things work themselves out
C DAnd all emotional, once you know what its all about, hey
G EmAnd undesirable, for us to be apart
C DI never wouldve made it very far
C Dcause you know you got the keys to my heart.....
continue the chords until the end.. enjoy .....
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