Brian Vander Ark – Resurrection tab
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This is a really fun song to play.  enjoy!

Intro ---

How I play it: Csus2 Dsus2 Ebsus2 Fsus2e---3--------5------6------8-------|b---1--------3------4------6-------|G---0--------0------0------0-------|D---2--------4------5------7-------| x4A---3--------5------6------8-------|E----------------------------------|
The way BVA plays it:
Verse: G?1 G?2e----1-----0---|b----3-----1---|G----0-----0---|D----0-----0---|A----x-----x---|E----3-----3---|
G?1 G?2 G?1 Rise my love be the woman you are G?1 G?2 G?1 Surprise my love i love everything that you are csus2 Dsus2 Ebsus2 Fsus2 You are the lows you are the highs, you're the fears and the pains csus2 Dsus2 Ebsus2 Fsus2 and rest assured we will survive another year Chorus: (barre chords) G Bb F What's it gonna take to redirect us, to reconnect us C G resurrect us yeah G Bb F What's it gonna take to perfect us, to redirect us, C G resurrect us yeah
mini solo 1-e-----5-6-------5-5-8-8~----|b-8-8-----6-----------------|G-----------7-5-------------|D---------------------------|2xA---------------------------|E---------------------------|
After the key change (you can hear it): barre chords again! A# C# G# D# Now we made it yeah we're redirected, reconnected, resurrected yeah
mini solo 2 - (same as the first, just moved up)e-------8-9--------8-8-11-11~--|b-11-11-----9------------------|G-------------10-8-------------|D------------------------------|A------------------------------|E------------------------------|
great song, great artist - enjoy! drew roth (
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