The Joy In Forgetting The Joy In Accepting chords ver. 2 with lyrics by Bright Eyes - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Bright Eyes – The Joy In Forgetting The Joy In Accepting chords ver. 2

I figured out the first part of the song, and since I couldn't edit the other 
version I am posting a new one with chords for the full song. 

BThere's a cat in the window,
F#of the house of my lover
Ewell she sleeps there alone now
F#or perhaps with another
(basically just stick to that chord progression all the way through) Fade into the piano chords If you're playing this on piano, for the A chord add in the B note right next to the root A, this will help make some of that strange resonance of the chords he's playing. If you want to do a melody type riff just use the notes naturally in these chords/scale. It's easy to figure out the back-and-forth part (try-ey-ey-ey) at the end of verses.
ASo, you say there are spaces,
EOpen and wide.
ABelieve me there's days,
ELonger than nights.
A EAnd you will be happy, the minute you try...
DBut you don't try.
ENo you don't try.
And you speak of a fever, That burns you inside. As you explain to your mother, How you wanted to die. So she kisses your fingers, Says "My Darling but why?
DWhen there is so much more...
EThere is so much more..."
Do you know there are spaces, Open and wide. Oh believe me, there's days, Longer than nights. And you will be happy, If only you'd try.
DOh won't you try,
E~Oh won't you try...
The end. Play some wrong notes and let it ring out and not resolve.
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