Brighten - Single Millionaires chords version 1

G Cadd9e--3-----3---|B--3-----3---|G--0-----0---|D--0-----2---|A--2-----3---|E--3-----0---|
[INTRO] Switch between G and Cadd9
GThere's a man, on the corner,
Gwith His hands holding tightly to his
Cadd9Hat so it wont blow away.
GWith a girl, with her hands in her
G Cadd9Pockets, holding tightly to her Money,
so she wont blow it today.
G Cadd9Its all the same. Every day.
GWhen he gets home from work
GTheres his children already in bed
Cadd9Without seeing his face today.
GAnd the girl with empty pockets
GSpent her money
Cadd9She might as well just throw her wallet in the fireplace.
AmAnd she is the L and
Che is the O
GFor us, liars
Dout there
AmAnd she is the V and
Che is the E For the
Gviolence in
Em D C (Here, leave the high e string open until after
'you', then switch to Cadd9. See below for clarification.)And we might spell you,
G Cadd9but we're Nothing like you.
GWhen his kids grow up old and have
G Cadd9Children of their own, they swear They'll never
Cadd9wear the same size hat their father wears.
GAnd the girl, now a woman, says
G Cadd9Shes happy and thanks god for Jewelry
and single millionaires.
AmAnd she is the H and
Che is the O
GFor us, humble
AmAnd she is the P and
Che is the E For
Gpotential in
Em D C (same as before)And we might spell you,
GBut we're nothing like you.
CHORUS: C (four counts) Cadd9 (let ring)e--0-------------------3-------------|B--3-------------------3-------------|G--0-------------------0-------------|D--2-------------------2-------------|A--3-------------------3-------------|E--0-------------------0-------------|
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