Brighten – Whoever You Are chords

Whoever You Are 

Standard Tuning 
No Capo

Intro: D

DI'll sing a song for you
F#mCross the world for you
GName every shining star for you
AMy darling dear
DI'll build a house for you
F#mCatch that mouse for you
GBe every girl's dream for you
AYou'll know it's clear
GI'll be a man for you
BmI'll take a stand for you
EmI'll hold your hand for you
AWhen you get out the car
GI'll do what I'm supposed to do
BmI'll brag and boast of you
G AOnce I find you
DWhoever you are
DMy eyes cry for you
F#mMy heart dies for you
GMy, how time flies for you
AWhen you're around
DI'll love both sides of you
F#mI'll feel obliged to
GDo whatever I must do
ATo keep you around
GI'll make a life for you
BmOh baby, I'll die for you
EmI'll make a wife of you
AI'll hold your heart
GI'll never grow tired of you
BmI'll walk across the fire for you
G AOnce I find you
DWhoever you are
(Instrumental): G, A, D, Bm (x2) G, A, D.
DBaby close your eyes
F#mDo you see me?
GDo you believe me?
AWherever you are
DI'll be waiting
F#mJust to see you
GAnd know that me and you
AWere never apart
DWhoever you are.
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