British Sea Power – Luna tab

Author: N Shepherd

Band: British Sea Power
Song: Luna


e|-------5------|B|----7-----7---|G|-7----------7-|D|--------------| x4A|--------------|E|--------------|
e|----------15-----------|B|------17-------17------|G|-17-----------------17-|D|-----------------------| x4A|-----------------------|E|-----------------------|
VERSE + CHORUS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Guitar 1 D / D Maj7 / D7 / D6
e|-2-|B|-0-|G|-2-|~D|-0-| A|---|E|---|
Guitar 2 (flanger)
(repeat throughout most of the song) PRE-SOLO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Em, D, Bm, F#m Piano
e|---------------------------|B|---------------------------|G|---------------------------|D|---------------------------| x2A|-7~---9~----10~-----12~----|E|---------------------------|
Bass guitar
G|------------------------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------------------------| x2A|-7--7-7~----5--5-5~-----------------------------------|E|------------------------7--7-7~---2--2-2~-------------|
SOLO (play around with notes) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Em, D, Bm, F#m
e|------------------------|B|------------------------|G|-7--9--7-----7--7--9-7--| x4D|--------9--------------9|A|------------------------|E|------------------------|
Bass guitar
G|------------------------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------------------------| x2A|-7--7-7~----5--5-5~-----------------------------------|E|------------------------7--7-7~---2--2-2~-------------|
ENDING ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
CHORDS + LYRICS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ D DMaj7 Are you going to the disco hey? D7 Are you hoping that you'll all get laid? D6 When there are interstellar clouds on the Sussex Downs D DMaj7 Were you hoping that you might get paid? D7 But on the way did you get waylaid? D6 And now tomorrow keeps coming, tomorrow keeps coming today D DMaj7 Again and again and again... D7 D6 Again and again and again... D DMaj7 Tomorrow keeps coming today... D7 D6 Tomorrow keeps coming today... Again and again and again... (repeat chords) Luna was a strange girl, she was pretty mad When we felt sorry for ourselves she'd say it's not so bad even the galaxies weep for the suns and the stars they'll never be We all laughed but we also felt quite sad So hey now, just put the fucking record on and tell my why Oh hey now, just put the fucking kettle on and tell me how A Ballardian nightmare erupted and now we all share One thought, one love and one idea If you want it, you can have it all If you're needy come to me If you like to, you can take it It's not really complicated... (these chords are from the bass guitar so i'm just predicting what the chords would be) Em D Bm F#m Em D Bm F#m Oh, oh but these aren't the answers, these are not the answers for you or me I thought we had a deal Em D Bm F#m Em D Bm F#m But tomorrow keeps coming today, again and again and again... Em D Bm F#m Em D Bm F#m D DMaj7 So go forth, go forth Luna, go forth, go forth Luna D DMaj7 So go forth, go forth Luna, go forth, go forth Luna
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