Britney Spears – Im Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman chords

B E AI used to think
F#m B E A F#m Bi had the answers to everything
E Abut now i know
F#m B E A Blife doesnt always go my own way yeah
A E B A E Bfeels lie im caught in the middle and thats when i realised
E A F#m BIm not a girl
E A F#m Bnot yet a woman
F#m E F#m Aall i need is time a moment that is mine
F#m A Bwhile im in between
E Aim not a girl
F#m B E A F#m Bthere is no need to protect me
E A F#m B E A Bits time that i learned to face up to this on my own
A E B ive seen so much more than you know now
A F#m Bso dont tell me to shut my eyes
F#m B Dmbut if you look at me closely
E F#myou will see it in my eyes
A F#m this girl will always find her way
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