Britney Spears – Shadow chords

AYour body's warm
D G ABut you are not
AYou give a little
D G ANot A lot
A D G AYou coup your love until we kiss
A D C GYou're all I want but not like this
G CI'm watching you disappear
G DBut you, you were never here
(D) GIt's only your shadow
DNever yourself
GIt's only your shadow
Bm CNobody else
(D) GIt's only your shadow
DFilling the room
CArriving to late
BmAnd leaving too soon
(C) Bm Cand leaving too soon
AYour body gives
D G ABut then holds back
AThe sun is bright
D G AThe sky is black
A D G ACan only be another sign
A D C GI can not keep what isn't mine
G CYou left ?but still? linger on
G DBut you, you were almost gone
Bm CHow can I tell you if you mean what you say?
Bm CYou say it so loud but you sound far away
Bb DmMaybe I had a just glimpse of your soul
Bb F Dm CWas that your shadow I saw on the wall
C EmI'm watching you disappear
C DBut you, you were never here
Chorus x2 Oh
C GIt's only your shadow
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