Broadways - Everything I Ever Wanted To Know About Genocide I Learned In The Third Grade tab

Tabbed by: Aaron Sheridan

Tuning: Standard

Here are the main chord progressions that make up the song. I got lazy and didnt add the 
number of strums, but I think you'll be able to tackle the song without them.

"Third Graders holding hands..."e|------------------------|B|------------------------|G|--------4-----9--6--9---|D|--2-----4-----9--6--9--7|A|--2-----2-----7--4--7--7| (2x. Second Time throw in some rapid palm mutes)E|--0--------------------5|
"Now I can't beleive we celebrate thanksgiving.."e|---------|B|---------|G|--6--9---|D|--6--9--7|A|--4--7--7| (2x)E|--------5|
"If I had my way..."e|---------------------------|B|---------------------------|G|--9--6--4--2--------9--4--2|D|--9--6--4--2--------9--4--2|A|--7--4--2--0--------7--2--0|E|---------------------------|
"Genocide is nothing to celebrate..."e|---------------------|B|---------------------|G|--------2-----6--4--2|D|--2-----2-----6--4--2|A|--2-----0-----4--2--0| (4x)E|--0------------------|
"Now I go to college and you know what I learned.."e|------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------|G|-----4-----2--6--4--2--------4-----2-----4--6--2|D|--2--4--2--2--6--4--2-----2--4--2--2--2--4--6--2|A|--2--2--2--0--4--2--0-----2--2--2--0--2--2--4--0|E|--0-----0-----------------0-----0-----0---------|
"The last full blooded aborigine.."e|---------|B|---------|G|--2--4---|D|--2--4--2|A|--0--2--2| (4x)E|--------0|
Chord progressions are in this order: "Third Graders Holding Hands..." "Now I cant beleive.." "If I had my way..." "Genocide is nothing..." "Now I cant beleive..." "If I had my way..." "Now, I go to college.." "The last full blooded..." The last 8 chords of "Now I go to college.." "The last full blooded..." ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note | b Bend | pb Pre-bend | br Bend release | pbr Pre-bend release | brb Bend release bend ************************************
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