Brogues - I Aint No Miracle Worker tab version 2

I Ainít No Miracle Worker
Nancie Mantz

As performed by The Brogues

This punk classic was penned by a gal who also co-wrote the Electric Prunesí, I Had Too
To Dream Last Night.  Originally given to the Chocolate Watchband, this song made the
eventually reaching #1 in Italy!  Its been said that there has never been a bad version 
song, and I believe it.  For me, the Brogues cover has just the right combination of
snarl, and garage-style riffs.

Repeating riff [fig.1]Electric guitar w/fuzz Cme||---------------------------||b||---------------------------||g||*----------0----(0)-------*||d||*-------------------3--1--*||a||--3----(3)-----------------||E||---------------------------|| 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +
[fig.2] [fig.3a] [fig.3b] [fig.4]
G Gsus D# D#sus G Cm/Cmsus/Cm/Cmsuse||-----7---8-7--||------3-4-3-||--------3----||------------------||b||-------8------||----4-------||------3------||---4-6-4----4-6-4-||g||-s/7----------||--3---------||----4-----4--||--5--------5------||d||--------------||------------||--5----------||-5--------5-------||a||--------------||------------||-------------||------------------||E||--------------||------------||-------------||------------------||
Intro: [fig.1 4X] Cm [lead guitar continues w/ fig.1] Donít ask me to move a mountain G (fig.2) Donít ask me to swim the sea Cm Donít think that Iím a tower of strength D# [fig.3a] G [fig.3b] Donít lean too much on me Cm When lookiní to the future G (fig.2) Aw, donít build your dreams too high Cm I beg you to remember D# G /////// N.C. Iím just an ordinary guy Chorus: N.C. D# [fig.3a] I ainít no miracle worker Cm [fig.4] I do the best that I can D# [fig.3a] I ainít no miracle worker G //////// N.C. [lead guitar fig.2] Lord, I ainít no miracle man [fig.1 2X] And I donít have a fortune You know I sweat for each dime I make But Iím always out there just lookiní To get that lucky break Every day I keep on tryiní To do my best for you And if tryiní just ainít enough, babe Well tell me what would you have me do Chorus:
Guitar Break:e|-----------------------8--|--8-----------8--------|b|--------------------8-(8)-|----11-----------------|g|------8h10p8-10b(12)------|-------10b(12)ó10b--8--|d|-s/10---------------------|-----------------------|a|--------------------------|-----------------------|E|--------------------------|-----------------------|
e|---------|b|------8--|g|------8--|d|-10--10--| opening riff resumes [2X]a|-10------|E|---------|
Ask me to be tender Ask me to be true Ask me for all the love I have And girl Iíll give it all to you But girl I just canít offer No storybook romance If thatís what youíre lookiní for, babe I tell ya, we just donít have a chance Chorus: Outro: Cm Baby, what I am Cm No, No, I ainít no miracle man Cm Aw, I ainít no miracle man Cm No, No, I ainít no miracle man Cm Iím just an ordinary man, no (fade out) Cm Iím just an ordinary man, no A garage classic by grainofsand
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