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Broken Bells – October tab

                             OCTOBER - Broken Bells
Tabbed by: BlueScholar

Tuning: Standard

(You can occasionally rake this chord to mimic the piano)Melody ^e|---------------------------------------------------9---------------|B|-----------10----10--------10----12--------10-----(10)--12---10-12-|G|-11-----11----11--------11----11--------11----11--(9)--------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro F#m De|---------2-2-2-2-----------2-2-2-2-|B|---------2-2-2-2-----------3-3-3-3-|G|---------2-2-2-2-------2---2-2-2-2-| x3D|---------4-4-4-4---0-------0-0-0-0-|A|-----4---4-4-4-4-------------------|E|-2-------2-2-2-2-------------------|
A Ee|---------0-0-0-0-----------0-0-0-0-|B|---------2-2-2-2-----------0-0-0-0-|G|---------2-2-2-2-----------1-1-1-1-|D|-----2---2-2-2-2-----------2-2-2-2-|A|-0-------0-0-0-0-------2---2-2-2-2-|E|------------------0--------0-0-0-0-|
Verse F#m D F#m D So you show me round your town, To hell again and back F#m D A E I love the certain way you need all the friends you depend on F#m D F#m D I know it might seem odd, because you're not the only one F#m D A E B I remember myself as a lonely child, so I was, and you got me wrong, you got me Chorus (electric guitar plays Melody) F#m E B F#m A B Wrong just seems so right, til the spark of morning light F#m E B F#m A B And all those searching eyes, do they scald your tender hide? Verse Remember what they say, there's no shortcut to a dream It's all blood and sweat, and life is what you manage in between But what you don't know is you're too young and eager to love Seething eyes see you're about to get in to the ditch that your old man dug Chorus (end on D instead of B) Bridge B A F#m D See the stars align, and leave you behind B A F#m D You want it so and I, I come by light of an autumn moon B A F#m D Sister, you know enough, but for now just let it go B A F#m D Don't run, don't rush, just flow Chorus (different lyrics) Through the give and take, you've had to learn How to cross the coals and not get burned But you're really just a little girl Playing in the park til the sun goes down Verse So twenty-one arrives, one day at a time time is up No doubt you think you've braided your own hair, so you're all grown up Should you want to cross the line, which way do you wanna find? Pretend that love could help you find your way but you've got me wrong Yeah you've got me wrong. End on F#m
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