Brooks Garth – Shes Every Woman tab

                      D                    G
        She's sun and rain, She's fire and ice.
        She's so New York and then L. A.
        She's anything but typical,

                 A              Bm   A
        A little crazy but it's nice.
        And every town along the way.
        She's so unpredictable.

                 G                D               A
        And when she gets mad you best leave her alone.
        And she's every place that I've never been.
        Oh, but even at her worst she ain't that bad.

                      D                G
        'Cause she'll rage just like a river,
        She's making Love on rainy nights.
        She's as real as real can be,

                 A                Bm       A
        then she'll beg you to forgive her.
        She's a stroll through christmas lights
        And she's every fantasy.                (To Ending)

                 G           A              D
        Oh she's every woman that I've ever known.
        And she's everything I want to do again.

        Bm               G
        It needs no explanation,

        Bm                          G
        'Cause it all makes perfect sense.

        D           A                   Bm    A
        For when it comes down to temptation,

                 G                 A
        she's on both sides of the fence.

                    G           A              Bm
        Lord, she's every lover that I've ever had.

                  G           A               D
        And she's every lover that I've never had.

I use a little different form in my songs.  I put the verses in order in the
song, but not by verse, by line.  This allows me to see the chord changes
easier than looking at verses without chords.  This is just how I do it in my
music collection.  Also, if in windows, use a single space font, the chords
will line up with the words.  I use a DOS editor, for my collection.
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