Browne Jackson – My Opening Farewell tab

 D       E/D     G/D     D*   G/D*   E/D*   A7sus4    A7   G   F#m   A7*
A   C/D

D* E/D G/D D G/D* D* E/D G/D A lady stands before an open window, staring so far away. D E/D G/D D G/D* D* G/D D She can almost feel the southern wind blow, almost touching her restless day. A7sus4 A7 G D G F#m A7sus4 She turns from her window to me, sad smile her apology G Sad eyes reaching to the door. Daylight loses to another evening, and still she spares me the word goodbye. she sits alone beside me fighting her feelings, struggles to speak but in the end can only cry. Bridge 1: A7sus4 A7 G D Suddenly it's so hard to find G A A7sus4 The sound of the words to speak her troubled mind G F#m A7sus4 So I'm offering these to her as if to be kind D* G/D* A7* D* There's a train every day, leaving either way E/D G/D D C/D There's a world you know, there's a way to go G A7 Bm Bm/A And you'll soon be gone, it's just as well G D This is my opening farewell Last verse: A child's drawing left there on the table and a woman's silk lying on the floor I would keep them here if I were able to lock her safe behind this open door Bridge 2: Suddenly it's so clear to me, that I asked her to see what she may never see And now my kind words find there way back to me There's a train everyday, leaving either way There's a world you know, You gotta ways to go And I'll soon believe that it's just as well This is my opening farewell Repeat intro
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