Brownsville Station - Smoking In The Boysroom tab

Song: Smokin' In The Boysroom
Artist: Brownsville Station
Tuning: Standard
Comments: Classic song, easy to play.

/ = slide


e|--------|B|--------|G|--6/7---|D|--6/7---|A|--4/5---|E|--------| repeat as necessary
Main Riff:
e|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|--6/7------6/7-------------------|D|--6/7------6/7-----7/8------7/8--|A|--4/5------4/5-----7/8------7/8--|E|-------------------5/6------5/6--| repeat as necessary
e|------------|B|------------|G|------------|D|------------|A|--5-5--5-7--|E|--3-3--3-3--| repeat as necessary
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