Bruce Robison – When It Rains tab

When It Rains
Bruce Robison
Tabbed by: John Laflen

Capo on third fret.
C  010230
Am 012200
F  112331
G  300023

Beginning (Hammer-on and Pull-offs with C)E|--0---0---0---0---0---|B|--1---1---1---1---1---|G|--0---0h2-0---0---0---|D|--0---2---2---0---0h2-|A|--3---3---3---3---3---|E|--0---0---0---0---0---|
* Walk Downs C/Am Am/F G/CE|--0---0----0---1----3------|B|--1---1----1---1----0------|G|--0---2----2---2----0------|D|--2-1-2----2---3----0h2----|A|--3---0----0---3----2--h2--|E|--0---0----X-3-1----3------|
F*/C Strum bottom three strings)E|--1--1--1--0--0---|B|--1--1--1--1--1---|G|--2--0--2--0--0---|D|--3--2--0--0--0h2-|A|--X--X--X--2--3---|E|--X--X--X--X--0---|
Beginning (C Hammer-on and Pull-offs) C I left my hometown * grandma was cryin' Am the sun was a blazin', * the fields were a flyin'. F I was gonna jump on the world G* like a hobo jumps onto a train. (Repeat Verse Pattern) I got outta Texas through Louisiana, Mississippi my engine started shakin' and stammerin' little by little, louder than the radio would play. (F*/C) And then there was this voice in my ear as it started to rain. I got into her car left mine a smokin' my chest was a poundin' she said "How far ya goin?" "'Til I hit the Atlantic." She smiled and sang a sweet ol' refrain. (F*/C) And she sang in that voice that you just wanna hear when it rains. Am G She'd read all the books F C that I'd bought for my travels. Am G Her opinions were sure, F G the miles did unravel. Am G As sure of directions, F#? F I figure'd the Atlantic would wait. (F*/C) And there was that voice that you just wanna hear when it rains. (More of the same patterns) Verse II She had a little boy somewhere. She showed me a picture. That moment I remember, her face was a mixture of the joy of rememberin' and a pain you don't have ta explain. Yeah, we had a deal, though always unspoken. No questions to answer. No bonds to be broken. I'd play my guitar, and the people would throw us some change. And then there was that voice that you just wanna hear when it rains Am, G, F, C X3 We pulled into providence, darkened and cold. Outta nowhere she said, "Man, that's far as you go." And the snow on the street lamp looked just like moths to a flame She said, "Take out that Hardy book, try it again. Some things get so tangled, sometimes you can't win. You might follow the sunrise, just to keep you from going insane." Until the echoes are all that remain of the voice that you just wanna hear when it rains. Outro Am When it rains. C (Walk down to Am occasionally to spice it up) Every time that it rains
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