Bruce Springsteen – Save My Love tab

Save My Love            Tabbed by Junglelander

The first verse and chorus are backed by the piano but I will include the chords anyways

            G                C               G             C
Now there's something coming through the air that softly reminds me

  G                  Em              C               D
tonight ill park out on the hill and wait until they find me.

     Em                   Bm      Em              C
Yeah slipping through the ether a voice is coming through,

   G               C                      D                G
so keep me in your heart tonight and i'll save my love for you.

   G            C                 G          C
So turn up your radio and darling dial me in close

      G             Em                 C                  D
we're riding on the airwaves and we're traveling coast to coast

 Em            Bm           Em                    C
over river and highway your voice comes clear and true

G                C                  D
though we're far apart tonight i'll save my love for you


Bm                                       C
Hold me in your arms and our doubts wont break us

      Bm                               C
If we open up our hearts love won't forsake us

                   F                    D
Just let the music take us and carry us home

          G               C                    G                        C
There's a prayer coming through the air like a shot straight through my heart

G                Em          C          D
tearing open the evening sky tearing me apart

         Em               Bm                     Em              C
Now I'll ride that signal down the line 'til i'm home again with you

   G            C              D
So turn up your radio and i'll save my love for you

G            C              Em      C   D    C   G   Am D
Turn up your radio and i'll save my love for you

Outro Solo:

G C G C G Em C D--------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|---0-----------------0-----------------0---0--2--0-0--2--0-0---0--0-------|-2---2--0------0---2---2--0------0---2---2-------------------2------------|----------3--3---3----------3--3---3--------------------------------------|
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