Bruce Springsteen - Save My Love tab version 2

Save My Love
From the Album: The Promise


G C G C G Bm Em7/C De|----------------------------------0---0---------|B|0-3-0-----------0-3-0-----0-3-0-3---3---3-3-0-3-|G|------2-0---0-2-------2-0-----------------------|D|----------2-----------------------------------0-|A|--------3---------------3---------2---3---------|E|3---------------3---------3---------------------|
Em Bm Em D Ce|0-3-0-------0-3-3-2-3-|B|------3-0-3-----------|G|----------------------|D|--------------------2-|A|--------2---3---------|E|0---------------------|
G C G D Ge|--------------------------|B|0-3-0-----------0-3-0-----|G|------2-0---0-2-------2-0-|D|----------2---------0-----|A|--------3-----------------|E|3---------------3-------3-|
G C G C Now there's something coming through the air that softly reminds me G Bm Em7/C D Tonight I'll park out on the hill and wait until they find me Em Bm Em D C You're slipping through the ether, a voice is coming through G C G D G So keep me in your heart tonight and I'll save my love for you G C G C So turn up your radio and darling dial me in close G Bm Em7/C D We're riding on the airwaves and we're travelling coast to coast Em Bm Em D C Over river and highway your voice comes clear and true G C G D G And though we're far apart tonight I'll save my love for you Bm C Hold me in your arms and our doubts won't break us Bm Em If we open up our hearts, love won't forsake us F Dsus4 D Just let the music take us and carry us home G C G C There's a prayer coming through the air and it's shot straight through my heart G Bm Em7/C D It's tearing open the evening sky and it's tearing me apart Em Bm Em D C Now I'll ride that signal down the line till I'm home again with you G C G D G So turn up your radio and I'll save my love for you G C Am7 G/D D Cmaj7 G/B Am7 C/D So turn up your radio and I'll save my love for you G C G C G Bm Em7/C D Em Bm Em D C G C G D G repeat chords to fade Em7/C
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