Bryan Adams - This Is Where I Belong chords

Chords by Joshua Fierova
Capo 1	

E    (022100)
A    (x02220)
D    (xx0232)
C#m  (446654)
F#m  (244222)
Bm   (x24432)

A E D AI hear the wind across the plain
A C#m D AA sound so strong - that calls my name
D A-Esus4 F#m DIt's wild like the river - it's warm like the sun
A D Esus4-EYa it's here - this is where I belong
D A F#m C#mUnder the starry skies - where eagles have flown
D A Bm EThis place is paradise - it's the place I call home
D AThe moon on the mountains
F#m AThe whisper through the trees
D AThe waves on the water
D ELet nothing come between this and me
F#m A D ACuz everything I want - is everything that's here
D A D EAnd when when we're all together - there's nothing to fear
Interlude: (D A F#m C#m D A D Esus4 E)
D A-Esus4 F#m DAnd wherever I wander - the one thing I've learned
A Bm Esus4-E AIt's to here - I will always....always return
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