Bryan Adams – One Night Love Affair tab ver. 2

Bryan Adams
One Night Love Affair
Tabbed By Rob.K#

         B   E  x 4

Verse 1:
B             E
You're the silent type
B                E
And you caught my eye
B                  Ab                   #F     E
but I never thought that I'd be touchin' you
B          E      
How was I to know
B             E
I'd let my feelings go
B              Ab                           F#     E
And that I'd be yours before the night was through

D          D/#C          
One night love affair
B                   G        A
trying to make like we don't care
D              D/#C             B           G    A 
we where both reaching out for something
D          D/C#
one night love affair
B          G        A
pretendin' it ain't there
D          D/C#                B               G   A
oh -  and now we're left with nothing

Verse 2(same as verse 1):
When the morning breaks
we go our seperate ways
if the night was made for love it ain't for keeps
But I loose control
as I wath you go
all my senses say I'm in this much too deep
now you're outta' reach

Chorus   x2

B    E  x 2

Solo: B E B E B Ab #F EE-|----------------|---------------|-------------------|-------------------|B-|-------4^5--4---|------4^5--4---|------4^5--4-------|-------------------|G-|----4-6------4--|--4-6-------4--|--4-6--------6-4-4-|--4-6-6--4-6-7-6-4-|D-|----------------|---------------|-------------------|-6-----------------|A-|----------------|---------------|-------------------|-------------------|E-|----------------|---------------|-------------------|-------------------|
B E B E B AbE-|-------------|----------------------------------------|B-|-12-14-16----|-12-14-16------14-14-12-12--14-12-12----|G-|----------13-|----------13--------------13------------|D-|-------------|----------------------------------------|A-|-------------|----------------------------------------|E-|-------------|----------------------------------------|
#F EE-|------------------------------16-14--|B-|-12--------12---------------17-------|G-|---15-13-11--15-13-11----------------|D-|---------------------14--------------|A-|-------------------------------------|E-|-------------------------------------|
Rob.K# -Dressed2kill
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