Bryan And Katie Torwalt – Glorious chords

C#m A E

E C#mand hope, fills my soul
Athe love that you've shown
C#m Bbrings refreshing like the rain
E C#mand peace, floods my heart
Ai know nothing apart
C#m B apart from your gloriness(?) God
C#m B Eyou are glorious
C#m Band you are holy, holy
C#m B/D# Ethe heavens shout
C#m Bthat you are worthy, worthy
C#m A Eoohhhh
Verse 2 (same as v1) your love, frees my soul and fear has no hope for you have broken the chains and now joy, fills my life your spirit your light I'm undone by the kindness of Christ chorus 2 (same as chorus above) you are glorious and you are holy, holy the heavens shout that you are worthy, worthy and my soul cries out that you are holy, holy and nations shout that you are worthy worthy bridge A C#m E B
A and let the sound of our praise
C#mand heavens will shake
E Band the earth will move
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