Bryan John Appleby – Glory chords

*He plays it in a different key in his chapel sessions vs. album recording
Capo 4

C F C Glory, I have known you my whole life
In the morning, you come in gentle as a golden vine
E F C Through my window, you fill up the valleys in my sheets.
Am Em F CGlo-o-ory
Glory, I have known you on a black crow night From my rooftop, shining in the alabaster moonlight And the rats all scratch in the attic under my feet. Glo-o-ory x2 Glory, you are the anvil for my hardened heart Glory, you’re the only mystery I can see I have known you as the song that goes before me And the only one who’ll be there when I’m gone C Cmaj7 F - once without oohs
C Cmaj7 Fooh x2
acapella ooh x2
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