Buckethead – 20th Century Boy tab

Ok I am NOT taking credit for this tab but since it isn't on UG and it was
on other sites so I'm just going to post it on UG:

20th Century Boy by Marc Bolan
as covered by Buckethead on "Great Jewish Music - A Tribute to Marc Bolan"
tabbed by Doug Cartwright

for the first 2 minutes or so, improvise in a Buckethead style as covered in some of my 
(notably Ballad of Buckethead), before going into this main riff:

E--------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------|G-1-1-1---------------------------1-1-1------|D-2-2-2---------------------------2-2-2------|A-2-2-2---------------------------2-2-2------|E-0-0-0--0-0-2p0-2p0-2-0 let ring-0-0-0------| and so on
Vibrato the second fret bends after the 1/2 or 1/4 bend
Bridge "and it's plain to see..."
Begins with the verse riff, then on "see", change to this:e----------------|B----------------|G-4-4-6-6-4-4-6-6|D-4-4-6-6-4-4-6-6|A----------------|E----------------|(only 2 bars, then the verse riff)
Fills and Solos: Unless you're some kinda tabbing genius, you're not gonna be able to work out fills and solos. Therefore, my best advice is, as nearly always with Buckethead, improvise. The verse is on A, the main riff/intro is on E, and the bridge bit is on a B. Plenty of speed, effects, technique-heavy noodling, more effects and more speed are what you're aiming for to create that lush "My name is Buckethead and I can do anything and it still sounds good" kind of sound. Hope this helps.
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