Buckinghams – Difference Of Opinion chords

Difference of Opinion – The Buckinghams
Tabbed by Zack Feldman

B       A       G#m     F#m     E

Bm E Bm EWhat do you see when I walk through your door?
Bm EWhat do you think when you look at me?
F# ESpeakin is hard when you don't use your eyes
Bm E Bm EDont you be cross, dont you learn to despise
A F#m
Bm E Bm EWhy dont you smile when the sun's on your face?
E Bm ECan it be the way you've been livin?
F# C#m E F#mMy mind's on fire with the thoughts that you've been givin
E BmCome on, give in to the ways, the ways that I've been teachin
Am Esus4 A F CThere's a difference of opinion in my mind
Am FThere's a difference of opinion in your eyes
E AmThings are gonna get worse, I'm sad to say
F Em DmThink I'll grab the door & find my way
(instrumental) (chorus)
Bm E Bm ESo if we meet again, I hope it's not the same
Bm EI'm tryin to forget the sadness & the pain
F# EThe trip that we both took inspired by the rain
Bm E Bm EWon't you believe me when I say were not the same?
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