Buddy Holly – Have You Ever Been Lonely chords

I have been looking for some chords for this song with no luck so, I thought it's 
time to give it a shot. 
It's not exact but close, any improvements please let me know, this was just a 
little guess work for me.

The intro sounds kinda weird to me because of the recording I have but I play the 
second verse chord section
 and it works.

Buddy Holly 
Have you ever been lonely

DHave you ever been lonely
AHave you ever been blue
DHave you ever loved someone
G D D7Just as I love you
GCan’t you see that I'm sorry
DFor the mistake I made
ACan’t you see that I changed dear
C D D7Can’t you see I’ve paid
D Be a little forgiving
ATake me back in your heart
DHow can I go on living
G D D7While we’re apart
G DIf you knew what I’d been through
A G DThen you know why I ask you
A Have you ever been lonely
G D D7 G D D7 Have you ever been blue
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