Buffalo Tom – Big Red Letter Day Album tab

intro: G - - - C/G - - - Cmaj7 |3-------------------------------|3-------------------------------||3-------------------------0-0-0-|1-------------------------0-0-0-||0-------------------------0-0-0-|0-------------------------0-0-0-||0-------------------------0-0-0-|2-------------------------2-2-2-||2-------------------------------|3-------------------------------||3-------------------------------|3-------------------------------|
G - - - C - - - Cmaj7 |3-------------------------------|3-------------------------------||3-------------------------0-0-0-|1---------------------1---0-0-0-||0-------------------------0-0-0-|0---------------------0---0-0-0-||0-------------------------0-0-0-|2---------------------2---2-2-2-||2-------------------------------|3-------------------------------||3-------------------------------|3-------------------------------|
G - - - C/G - - - Cmaj7 |3---3-3-----3-3-----3-3---------|3---3-------3-------3-----------||3---3-3-3---3-3-3---3-3-3-0-0-0-|1---1-0-1---1-0-1---1-0-1-0-0---||0---0-0-0---0-0-0---0-0-0-0-0-0-|0---0-0-0---0-0-0---0-0-0-0-0---||0-------0-------0-------0-0-0-0-|2-------2-------2-------2-------||2-------2-------2-------2-------|3-------3-------3-------3-------||3-------3-------3-------3-------|3---------------3-------3-------|
G - - - C - - - Cmaj7 |3---3-3-----3-3-----3-3---------|3---3---3---3---3-------3-------||3---3-3-3---3-3-3---3-3-3-0-0-0-|1---1-0-1---1-0-1-----0-1-0-0---||0---0-0-0---0-0-0---0-0-0-0-0-0-|0---0-0-0---0-0-0-----0-0-0-0---||0-------0-------0-------0-0-0-0-|2-------2-------2-------2-------||2-------2-------2-------2-------|3-------3-------3-------3-------||3-------3-------3-------3-------|3---------------3-------3-------|
The last four measures are repeated throughout the verse. The "Could my eyelids" progression looks like this:
G - - - Gsus2(add C#)- - - |3-3-3---------------------------|3-3-3---------------------------||3-3-3---------------------------|2-2-2---------------------------||0-0-0-----etc-------------------|0-0-0---etc---------------------||0-0-0---------------------------|0-0-0---------------------------||2-2-2---------------------------|0-0-0---------------------------|}(These two|3-3-3---------------------------|3-3-3---------------------------|}strings are
optional, I leave them out) C/G - - - D - C -|3---3-------3-------3-----------|2-----2---2-2-2-3-----3---------||1---1-0-1---1-0-1---1-0-1-0-0---|3---3-3---3-3-3-1---1-1---1-1-0-||0---0-0-0---0-0-0---0-0-0-0-0---|2---2-2---2-2-2-0---0-0---0-0-0-||2-------2-------2-------2-------|0---0-----0-0-0-2---2-2---2-----||3-------3-------3-------3-------|----------------3---------------||3-------3-------3-------3-------|--------------------------------|
play the intro between verses. The little phrase he throws in between verses looks like this: G - - - C/G - - - Cmaj7 |3-----------------3-2---3-3-----|3-----------------------3-------||3-----------------3-------3---0-|1-----------------------1---0-0-||0-------------------------------|0-----------------------0---0-0-||0-------------------------------|2-----------------------2---2-2-||2-------------------------------|3-----------------------3-------||3-------------------------------|3-------------------------------|
solo: (two guitars on the album - you can play it over the chords by yourself)
G - - - C - - - |--------------------------------|--------------------------------||3---3-3-3---3-3-3-1-1-1---0-0-0-|1---1-0-1---1-0-1-1-0-----------||--------------------------------|------------------------2---0-0-||--------------------------------|--------------------------------||--------------------------------|--------------------------------||--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
G - - - C - - - |------------------0-------------|------------------------0-------||3---3-3-3---3-3-3---3-1---0-0-0-|1---1-0-1---1-0-1---3-------3---||--------------------------------|--------------------------------|back to |--------------------------------|--------------------------------|the intro|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|riff|--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
The "solid angle" progression is just arpeggiations of the intro.
outro: G - - - C - - - |--------------------------------|--------------------------------||3---3-3-3---3-3-3-1-1-1---0-0-0-|1---1-0-1---1-0-1-1-0-----------||--------------------------------|------------------------2---0-0-||--------------------------------|--------------------------------||--------------------------------|--------------------------------||--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
G - - - C - - - |--------------------------------|--------------------------------||3-------------------------------|--------------------------------||--------------------------------|--------------------------------||----------------------------0-2-|2-------------------------------||------------------0-2-3---------|--------------------------------||----------------3---------------|--------------------------------|
The song ends with a couple more measures of arpeggiation and then the last two measures of the outro again. Lyrics : Watch an eyeball Take a free fall At the mention of a name In it's socket Like a rocket Rises just the same But could my eyelids Cover what I did The shutting of the door Could these ceilings Contain my feelings Me down on the floor Jerked my fountain and ice cream mountain I suppose I'm just too late Form a line here I think I'll die here These people nauseate me But if my patience Were a spaceship High up in orbit Then I would rise here Hypnotized here Listen where I sing Risen from where I sit A solid angle My legs do dangle Off the counter's edge Soft words spoken Promises broken Close my eyes instead But could my eyelids Cover what I did The shutting of the door Could these ceilings Contain my feelings Me down on the floor Me down on the floor Me down on the floor Me down on the floor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG : I'm Allowed Note: the chord progression stays the same throughout the song. Listen to the song to get some sort of a picking pattern. Meanwhile you can get away with the following.
Verse: EbMaj9 Gm Csus2 Cm Csus2 (Add A) Bbm e-----3-------3-----------------6----6---6---||B-----3-------3--4-3-3-4--------6----6---6---||G-----3--5-3--5-----------------8----6---6---|| repeat for the verseD-----5-------5-----------------8----8---8---||A-----5-------3-----------3-5-6-6----8---8---||E--3--3-------x-----------------x--6-6-5-6-5-||
Here Ed Cheng writes (It's about the same as I play it too, I didn't notate all the strums that I use, Alexander) : The way I play it (pretty much the same as Efren's):
(Capo 3rd fret) Gm Cm E Bb A/Bbe-----3--3-3--3----3-3--------3-3-3-3-------6---6---||B-----3--3-3--4-p3-3-4--------4-4-4-4-------3---3---||G-----3--5-3--5----5-3--------3-3-3-3-------3---3---|| etc.D-----5--5-5--5----5-5--------3-5-5-3-------3---3---|| A-----5--5-5--3----3-3----3-5-6-6-6-6-------x---x---||E--3--3--3-3--x----x-x--------x-x-x-x-----6-6-5-5---|| (p=pull-off)
Chorus: All power chords. Just Hit :
Bb5 C5 Eb5e-------x-x--------x-x------------B-------x-x--------x-x------------G-------x-x--------x-x--8-8------- D--8-8--x-x--10-10-x-x--8-8-------A--8-8--x-x--10-10-x-x--6-6-------E--6-6--x-x--8--8--x-x------------
Another version provided by Ed Cheng : ...and the way I do the chorus (different from Efren's): Bb C7sus9(x35333x) E Listen to the strumming pattern, it's not difficult at all. Gm Csus2 Waited for an answer EbMaj9 Bbm But I waited for 25 years Gm Csus2 They stopped my bleeding EbMaj9 Bbm But could never stop all those tears Gm Csus2 I waited for the day when EbMaj9 Bbm He came out from beneath all that weight Gm Csus2 I tried to lift it EbMaj9 But it seems I got there too Bb5 C5 Eb5 Late Bb5 C5 Eb5 Just to late Bb5 C5 Eb5 Just to late Bb5 C5 Eb5 Bb5 Cause I'm allo_________wed Note : Music repeats in the same manner from here.... Came to the party But I got my own signals crossed Thought I was welcome But I felt like I should get lost I know that I'm older Cause I feel that everywhere I could talk to no one Cause I knew not one person There No one's there They just stared But they're allowed As vivid as a car wreck Watch them dripping off highway ramps She came to me smiling Her heart underneath both her hands She spoke of a French boy At least two times through the night It could have been the liquor Or the music but that is All right That's all right She's allowed And I'm allowed I'm allowed I'm allowed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG : I'm Allowed (version provided by Efren) Place a capo on the third fret for this song. Tabs are given for when the third fret is capoed. The chord names above the tabs are the relative open chords for when the third fret is capoed, with the real chord names in parentheses. Basically, there is one major chord progression: (Rhythm pattern is not completely correct - listen to the recording to get the right pattern) h=hammer on p=pull off
Em(Gm) - - - Am(Cm) - - - e|--------0-----------------------|--------------------------------|b|--------0-------------------1-1-|1---1---1p0-----0-h-1-----------|g|--------0-------------2-0-0-----|2-------2-------2---------------|d|2-------2-----------------------|2-------2-----------------------|a|2-------------------------------|------------------------0---2---|E|0-------------------------------|--------------------------------|
C(Bb) - - - G(Bb) - D/F#(F/A) |--------------------------------|3--------3-------2-----2-3-2----||------------1---1-------1-------|3--------3-------3-----3----3---||0---------------0-0-0---0-------|0--------0-------2-----2--------|and back to|0---h---2-------0---0---0-------|0--------0-------0--------------| Em|3-------3-----------------------|2----------------0--------------||--------------------------------|3----------------2--------------|
The change during "noone's there" line is just this progression for four measures: G(Bb) - Am(Cm) - C(Bb) - - - |3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3---|3---3---3-----------------------||0---0---0---0---1---1---1---1---|1---1---1-----------------------||0---0---0---0---2---2---2---2---|0---0---0----etc----------------||0---0---0---0---2---2---2---2---|2---2---2-----------------------||2---2---2---2---0---0---0---0---|3---3---3-----------------------||3---3---3---3-------------------|--------------------------------|then play G D/F# E into the main progression again.
solo (played over the main progression): Em(Gm) - - - Am(Cm) - - - |--------0-----------------------|--------------------------------||--------0-------------0-----1-1-|1---1---1p0-----0-h-1-----------||--------0-------------2-0-0-----|2-------2-------2---------------||2-------2-----------------------|2-------2-----------------------||2-------------------------------|------------------------0---2---||0-------------------------------|--------------------------------|
C(Bb) - - - G(Bb) - D/F#(F/A) |--------------------------------|--------3-------2------2----2---||---------------1---3----1-0-----|--------3-------3--------3------||---------------0----------------|0-------0-------2---------------||0-------2-----------------------|0-------------------------------||3-------3-----------------------|2-------------------------------||--------------------------------|3-------------------------------|
Em(Gm) - - - Am(Cm) - - - |--------2---------------3---2---|0-------------------------------||--------0-----------------------|1-------1p0-----0-h-1-----------||--------0-----------------------|--------2-------2---------------||--------------------------------|--------2-----------------------||--------------------------------|------------------------0---2---||--------------------------------|--------------------------------|
C(Bb) - - - G(Bb) - D/F#(F/A) |--------------------------------|--------3-----------------------||---------------1---3----1-0-----|--------3-----------------------||---------------0----------------|--------0-----------------------||0-------2-----------------------|--------------------------------||3-------3-----------------------|--------------------------------||--------------------------------|----------------2---3---2---0---|
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG : Treehouse (version provided by Jeremy) Here is the intro and verse for "Treehouse": G Cadd9
1 a & a 2 a & a 3 a & a 4 a & a 1 a & a 2 a & a 3 a & a 4 a & ae|3-------3-----3-3---3---3---3---|3-------3-----3-3---3---3---3---|B|3-------3-----3-3---3---3---3---|3-------3-----3-3---3---3---3---|G|4-------4-----4-4---4---4---4---|5-------5-----5-5---5---5---5---|D|5-------5-----5-5---5---5---5---|5-------5-----3-5---3---5---3---|A|5-------5-----3-5---3---5---3---|3-------3-----3-3---3---3---3---|E|3-------3-----3-3---3---3---3---|--------------------------------|
This pattern is used for almost the whole song, eith the exception of the end of the chorus which is just D C D C then back to the above. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG : Tree House (version provided by Efren) This is a pretty easy song - just G C and D chords. Listen to the cd for the rhythm. You can capo the third fret if you want (I've seen Bill do that in concert), but it isn't necessary. Chords are written for no capo. Main progression: switch between a G-G7 chord and a Csus2-Cmaj7sus2 chord. G-G7 Csus2-Cmaj7sus2 3 3 3 3 4 5p4h5 5p3p5 5 5 3 3 X 2nd progression: (at the "way up in the trees"-type lines) switch between a D chord and a C-Csus4 chord D C-Csus4 5 3 7 5h6p5 7 5 7 5 5 3 X X at the "rotted to the core" part, it's just a G and Csus2 progression lyrics:(need lots of help) Seasons change and I have found you Looks like you've been here a long time Looks like you're here to stay And I reason that that's ok When though, when will you be leaving You're way up in the trees Or afloat on the seas I can't afford your voice but I have no choice Your bird drizzles forth twice nightly And I once held on to you so tightly You were made of wood and cried that no one understood But I had splinters in my fingers Tears welled in my eyes no surprise Washed swiftly from the sands Into my hands Into my hands Treehouse, your mind is like a treehouse And I climb up the shaky ladder Your bird flies with you in claws of orange hue I watch you flying over my head You could not care less So you got more Like driftwood from the shore You were rotten to the core rotten to the core Seasons change... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG : Would not be denied Intro Riff :
Csus2 Gmaj7 Csus2 Gmaj7e--------3-3-3----2-2-2----3-3-3----2-2-2-||B--------3-3-3----3-3-3----3-3-3----3-3-3-||G--------0-0-0----0-0-0----0-0-0----0-0-0-||D--------0-0-0----0-0-0----0-0-0----0-0-0-||A--0-2-3-3-3-3--2-2-2-2--3-3-3-3--2-2-2-2-||E-----------------------------------------||
Csus2 Gmaj7 Amine--------3-3-3----2-2-2----||B--------3-3-3----3-3-3----||G--------0-0-0----0-0-0----||D--------0-0-0----0-0-0----||A--0-2-3-3-3-3--2-2-2-2--0-||E--------------------------||
This riff is also used throughout the song. Usually the Amin at the end will be strummed, instead of only the bass note. Bridge : During the bridge basically 3 chords are used : Bm (x24432), C5 (x355xx), and Amin (x02210) Csus2 Gmaj7 Would not be released Csus2 Could not be denied Gmaj7 I tried to say the words Csus2 Gmaj7 But got tripped up inside Csus2 Gmaj7 You can murder them with guns Csus2 Poison them with lye Gmaj7 You can a persons life Amin You can't squelch his pride Note : Music repeats in the same manner from here.... The city's not my own This world is not my home But I'll carry it on my back As far as my feet will roam I opened up my eyes I offered up my coat I opened up my mouth But knots tied in my throat Will not be denied Will not be denied Bm If not for my innocence my C5 Guilt would stop right here Bm Reliving all my life in C5 Amin the span of just one year Bm My mouth's a hurricane C5 But something inside just died Bmin I'd always just assumed C5 Amin My evil would subside Could I have been misled Could you have misread Please don't punish me For things I have not said The last's a lonely mile I'll remember it for a while You'll never speak to me Unless it's to revile Will not be denied Will not be denied Will not be denied Will not be denied Will not be denied Denied Denied -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG : Would Not Be Denied (version provided by Efren) This is probably the only Buffalo Tom song that I find it easier to play with barre chords. Listen to the recording to get the right rhythm. Main progression: Mainly just a C and Bm progression. Lead up to the C by playing ascending A and B notes on the fifth string, and add the minor 6th to the Bm chord: C Bm-sus6min(? is this the right name?) 3 2h3 5 3 5 4 5 4 0-2-3 2 X X after repeating this progression a number of times (varies in the song) play an Am chord. (high to low strings:01220X) The "Will not be denied" part is the same progression with overdriven guitars. 2nd progression: At the "if not for innocence"part is just this progression (same chord formations without the add-ons) |Bmin |C | |Bmin |C Amin | (repeat 2x) play with overdriven guitars. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG : Latest Monkey Intro :
Bb5 C5 Eb5 Bb5 C5 Eb5e-------------------------------------------------||B-------------------------------------------------||G------------------8-8-8------------------------8-||D-8-8-8--10-10-10--8-8-8--8----8-8-8--10-10-10--8-||A-8-8-8--10-10-10--6-6-6--8----8-8-8--10-10-10--6-||E-6-6-6--8--8--8---x-x-x--6----6-6-6--8--8--8---x-||
Verse : Only the chords are shown here. Again listen to the music for the strumming pattern.
Bb5 Eb5 D5 C5 Eb5e-------------------------||B-------------------------||G---------8--7---------8--||D-----8---8--7----10---8--||A-----8---6--5----10---6--||E-----6---x--x----8----x--||
Bb5 Eb5 The newest clown D5 C5 He cries an old type of tears Eb5 Watch them fall Bb5 Eb5 There they lie D5 C5 Crispy ancient and they leak Eb5 Formaldahyde Bb5 C5 Go........ing Eb5 Bb5 Going I'm gone Bb5 C5 Go away Eb5 Bb5 Going Note : Music repeats in the same manner from here.... His tears they sit Crusty rusted in a box Inside a drawer Grandpa's news Fragile words are yellowed through Forever more Going Going I'm gone Go away Going Note : After this chorus, repeat the intro riff and then repeat this during the next three lines. Bb5 C5 Sadder than sad Eb5 Bb5 She's feeling bad Bb5 C5 Eb5 The monkey's the one who laughs last Hold me down Cut me loose when Nighttime falls And lifts away I'm a ball Bouncing off of a brick wall Into the day Going Going I'm gone Go away Going Gone I am gone I am gone Go away Going -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG : Latest Monkey (version provided by Efren) Capo the third fret again to play open chords. The chord names are the relative open chords for when the third fret is capoed, with the real chord names in parentheses. (Tabs are also with a capo on the third fret) Opening chord progression is: | G(Bb) A(C) | C(Eb) G(Bb) | G(Bb) A(C) | C(Eb) | Progression 2 (played twice through the verses) is: | G(Bb) C(Eb) | Em/B(Gm/D) Em5(Gm5) | Asus2(Csus2) | C(Eb) | The progression through the chorus is similar to the opening progression, just add that high Bb on the first string to all the chords (i.e. for when the third fret is capoed: G(Bb) A(C) C(Eb) ) e 3 3 3 b 3 2 1 g 0 2 0 d 0 2 2 a 2 0 3 E 3 X X | G(Bb) | A(C) | C(Eb) | G(Bb) ) (repeat twice)
the mini-solo played before the second verse looks like this: (played over progression 2)h=hammer on s=slidep=pull offe-------------0-------0-------------------------------0h3---3---------b-0---1---3---------------1---0---0h1p0---1---0---------------------0-g-------------------------------------------------0-----------1s2-----d---------------------------------------------------------------------a---------------------------------------------------------------------E---------------------------------------------------------------------
the "sadder than sad" progression is just the same as the opening progression (repeat the first two measures 3 times and then play the last two measures to lead into the next verse) the song ends on the intro progression. chords: G(Bb) A(C) C(Eb) Em/B(Gm/D) Em5(Gm5) Asus2(Csus2) 3 0 0 0 X 0 3 2 1 0 X 0 0 2 0 0 X 2 0 2 2 2 2 2 2 0 3 2 2 0 3 X X X 0 X -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG : Dry Land (version provided by Efren) Capo the fifth fret to play open chords. The chord names given are the relative open chords, with the real chord names in parentheses. Tab is given for when the fifth fret is capoed. Chords: D(G) A(D) D7(G7) G(C) Em(Am) 2 0 2 X 0 3 2 1 3 0 2 2 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 X 0 X 2 2 X X X 3 0 opening progression: part 1: | D(G) A(D) | D7(G7) G(C) | D(G) A(D) | D7(G7) G(C) | part 2: | Em(Am) | A(D) | Em(Am) | A(D) G(C) | part 1 of the opening progression is also played through the verses, while part 2 is played through the chorus
solo: (played over part 2)---------------------------------------------------------3s2-----3-3s5-----------------------------------------0-----------0h3-----------------------------------------0---------0-2--2p0-0--0h2-------------------2-------0-0-0----0h2--2h4----2----2-----------------------------------2---0-2---------------------------------------------------------------0--------------------------------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG : Dry Land I wanted to add my version to this song, if you don't own a capo you could try something like this. It's probably not perfect but sounds allright to me ! (Lyrics are provided by Efren) The chords I use (No Capo !) : Gsus2 = 300033 GMaj9 (F# Bass) = 200032 G(No 3rd) (D Bass) = xx0033 D = xx0232 Am = x02210 Intro : Gsus2 GMaj9 G(No 3rd) GMaj9 (repeat twice) Am d Am d lyrics: Gsus2 GMaj9 She comes to me G(No 3rd) GMaj9 In her pre-washed bright blue jeans Gsus2 GMaj9 Bag sewn tightly G(No 3rd) GMaj9 Pursed lips are kissing me Gsus2 GMaj9 Back up to college G(No 3rd) GMaj9 Just a few miles down the road Gsus2 GMaj9 And we remember G(No 3rd) GMaj9 Something we've never been told Am D Come up on dry land Amin I've had too much to drink D I'm tired and need some sleep Note : Music repeats in the same manner from here.... Come September Cold mornings open up Make incisions And cut egos will erupt What did you find Hidden in your mind's deep recess When the going gets tough You and I must take a rest Come up on dry land Your coming into your own But hey that's not my fault Come up on to this Dry Land Won't you let me lend a hand Come up on to this Dry Land And when I surfaced Mountains opened up like fish Breathe through gills now And I'm making one small wish With heaven beside me There is no one can do me harm But the devil inside me At least then I can stay warm Come up on dry land She understood her fate You can't take stands Too late Come up on to this dry land Won't you let me lend a hand Come up on to this dry land ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG : Torch Singer The chords I use for this song are : GMaj9 (F# Bass) = 200032 Csus2 = x30033 G = 320033 Listen to the song for the strumming pattern, it isn't difficult. G GMaj9 These things crawl across my floor Csus2 GMaj9 I can't use them anymore G GMaj9 There's a heaven in her band Csus2 GMaj9 Csus2 GMaj9 Csus2 GMaj9 Alleluias in my hand Note : Music repeats in the same manner from here.... All my patience love's insides She's just climbed the stage and died Lights that rose and fell again Songs that thinned out near the end Oho Csus2 G Her voice travelled off in the end Though your miles are more than mine The things I've taken in a bind It's for certain, it's for sure I've no use for them no more Making room within one's self For another's song to help And it all comes back to me As I walk hungover down the street oho G GMaj9 Csus2 GMaj9 And it all comes back to me (And it all comes back to me) And it all comes back to me (And it all comes back to me) And it all comes back to me (And it all comes back to me) As I walk hungover down the street She's a mother in disguise I look different in her skies But it's morning so I say Here's a big red letter day Her skin's like whitewash like skim milk Her words sing softly just like silk There are some things I've got to say She won't understand anyway There are miles between our hearts There's salvation in false starts Oho I'm forsaken in the end (I'm forsaken in the end) I'm forsaken in the end (I'm forsaken in the end) I'm forsaken in the end (I'm forsaken in the end) I'm forsaken in the end (I'm forsaken in the end) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG : Late At Night (version provided by Menno) [i] INTRO: D // D(2) D / Dsus2 //// D D(2) D / [ii] PLAY THIS AT THE VERSES: Dsus2-D // D(2) D Dsus2 O A(2)-Am I-i close my door at ni-ight Am / / / A(2)-C But they get in all-right C / / / G/D //// D // And she turns on the light (3 TIMES) AND AT THE END DO THE 'G/D-D' BREAK ONE TIME EXTRA.. THEN PLAY [iii] THE CHORUS, LIKE THIS (I hope): C G If I could hold them in my hand G O-Am I'd make them under-stand Am C I'm not a haunted mind C G/D //// D // I'm not a thoughtless kind (2 TIMES) AND AGAIN AN EXTRA 'G/D-D' BREAK. THE SONG ENDS WITH PLAYING THIS 3 TIMES: Am C I do it if I could C G/D //// D // I hope you know I would LYRICS: ------- I close my door at night, But they get in all right, And she turns on the light. I, I held her hands so tight, 'Cause words don't come out right, And she sees things at night. But me, I'm closer to the door, I don't get scared no more, But I don't know the score. (CHORUS:) If I could hold them in my hand, I'd make them understand. I'm not a haunted mind, I'm not a thoughtless kind. If I could put them in a jar, I know they wouldn't scar, I do it if I could, I hope you know I would. I close my door at night, But she gets in all right So I turn on the light. I held her hand too tight, Too hard to make it right, So I could sleep at night. (END:) I do it if I could, I hope you know I would. (3x) CHORD-CAST (in order of appearance):
D - xx0232 A(2) - 002200 G/D - 3x0033 D(2) - xx0233 Am - 002210 G - 3x0003 Dsus2 - xx0230 C - x32010
OTHER CRAPY FEATURES: O = Play all strings (between two chords just 'play' 000000) / = Repeat chord - = Fast change -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SONG : Anything That Way (version provided by Ed) capo 3rd fret G: 355433 D: x57775 (x57785) C: x35553 (x35533) Em: x79987 A: 577655 add miscellaneous hammer-ons to the D and C chords Intro: G D C (X2) ...same chord progression continues throughout verse The moon was full your whisky sour Oh girl there's no need to be so down Cause when you walk with me in the beginning of the day You say I don't need anything that way I'm wishing things could be the same When things got broken you came My moods were always changing they were blue then brown then grey You say I don't need anything that way You say I don't need anything that way D Em I'm fighting tooth and nail A Against these demons in my head No matter where I'm sleeping My history's right there in bed When things blew open you flew in I was caught red-handed once again Was I really robbing you of the best days of your life I'm sorry I never meant anything that way G D C G D C G D Em C(use 8th fret barre chord) G D C The mailman came this way today He said no sir I've got nothing for you today Went outside in the morningtime but I got lost along the way You say I don't need anything that way No no I don't need anything that way Oh no I don't need anything that way I don't need anything that way that way I don't need anything that way -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edmund Blackadder : "Baldrick, you wouldn't recognise a subtle plan if it painted itself purple and danced naked on top of a harpsichord singing 'Subtle plans are here again'."
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