Buffett Jimmy – Grapefruit Juicy Fruit tab ver. 2

By Jimmy Buffet
Tabbed by Eric Pohl (eric@is.net)

Here's my take on the Jimmy Buffet song "Grapefruit Juicy Fruit."  It
like a good exercise for beginning fingerstylers (like me).  Suggestions
corrections are always appreciated.

The intro and the verses are mostly fingerstyle with some rhythmic
tossed in:

E --------------------|----------------|-----------------|----------------|
D--------------------|----------------|-----------------|----------------|A ----2---3---3---3---|-3---3---3---3--|-2---3---3---3---|-3---3---3---
3--|E --------------------|----------------|-----------------|----------------|Beat o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
-----------------------------------| 1st Ending | Strum G chord Strum C chord
E ----2---3-----------|----------------|-----------------|----------------:|
B--------------0-h1--|-0--------------|---------------1-|-----1----------:|G --------------0-----|-0--------------|---------------0-|h2--0----------:|D --------------0-h2--|-0--------------|-----------------|----------------:|
E----2---3---3-------|----------------|-----------------|---------3------:| o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
2nd ending (strummed): C C7 CHORUS Dm G Cmaj7 And oh it gets so damn lonely Dm G Cmaj7 when you're on a plane alone Dm G Cmaj7 And if I had the money honey I'd strap you in beside me D7 G (tacet) And never ever leave you leave you at home all alone and cryin' Here's the lick on "all alone and cryin'":
E -----3-h5-3---6---3-h5-3-----------B ---5-------------------------------G -----------------------------------D -----------------------------------A -----------------------------------E -----------------------------------
Verses (sing with the tabbed stuff) Grapefruit A bathin' suit Chew a little juicy fruit Wash away the night Drive-in You guzzle gin Commit a little mortal sin It's good for the soul (chorus) Ten speed No need My pickup gets me where I please Chuggin' down the street But I'll be leavin' In a little while So close your eyes and I'll I'll be back real soon (chorus) Thanks to Mike Hall, from whom I copped the lyrics.
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